6.23.2020 – Words by Ben Farver

Chris Fitzpatrick wears a bunch of hats around here, but his primary responsibility as Art Director is all things aesthetic, including paint design. All the beautiful paint designs you’ve seen over the years are his doing, deftly executed by our painter, Matt.

I am very excited to release Chris’s paint designs and color choices for the new RM3. He has kept a few our favorite tried and true colors, like Argonaut teal and metallic pewter, and added a handful more that are sure to turn heads.

Pick your design, pick your colors, and Chris will create a mockup to show exactly what your new Argonaut will look like. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

Ben’s RM3. Raw Carbon Seat Tube with Top Tube Window. Decomposed Granite. Caribbean.

Raw Carbon

Argonaut Teal. Bright Silver. Moss.

Full Color with Raw Carbon Top Tube Window

Moss. Decomposed Granite. Hazelnut.

Top Down Fade to Raw Carbon

Hazelnut. Caribbean. British Racing Green.

Raw Carbon Seat Tube with Raw Carbon Top Tube Window

Caribbean. British Racing Green. Bright Silver.

Thanks for reading.

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