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We are in constant search of the edge of what is possible in custom bike design, it’s in our bones to open up the focus of our collective lens onto the composites industry as a whole. To see the immense benefits and ingenuity there, and pull it into our process for crafting carbon bikes from scratch. From brazing frames over a decade ago, to performing carbon wizardry one layer at a time today, we are the changemakers at the intersection of carbon and the bike world.

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To forever push the boundaries of what’s possible in carbon bike building, and center customer experience and agency throughout the process. To ensure custom bike builds that last a lifetime by designing and manufacturing to the highest quality. And to handcraft the best carbon bicycles in the world. Period.

Pacific Northwest

We do it all in Bend, Oregon

Designed, tested, and built in Bend, OR, we’re proud to employ 18 dedicated, talented, and experienced individuals who bring endless creativity to the table and who inquire along with us: if it can be better why not make it better?


Our Story

Ben Farver started his custom bike building career working with steel in 2007. He built bikes out of steel because that’s the material he loved to ride, and felt had the best overall ride quality. However, the quest for more performance eventually led Ben to carbon, but not the sort of carbon you find on the racks of most bike shops. Carbon piqued Ben’s interest not so much because of the ideal strength to weight ratio, but instead because of the nearly limitless potential for customization.

Nearly 10 years later, Ben and the team at Argonaut Cycles are building bikes that retain the feeling of the original steel bikes made in the early days, but lighter, stiffer where it counts, and with a ride quality that we feel is truly transcendent. Every Argonaut is unique to the individual owner. Every Argonaut rides like an Argonaut.


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