We Are the Envelope Pushers


Redefining Custom

From that first phone call to final delivery, every element of the Argonaut experience is about exceeding expectations, setting new standards, and doing things better. When it comes to creating custom experiences and bikes for our customers, “that’ll do” isn’t something we comprehend.

Our Design

Purpose-Driven Beauty.

Built to go head to head with the best in the world, our custom carbon bikes know how to take flight no matter your version of fast. Because our purpose-driven designs honor functionality and aesthetics equally, agility, precision, and drop-dead gorgeous looks are just the beginning.

Quality Control

In Good Hands.

From start to finish, we hold every component of every Argonaut in our hands. First as raw material. Then as individual parts built entirely in-house using our custom tooling and patented silicone molding process. Layer by carbon layer, we craft, refine, and inspect with an unmatched level of quality control.


Built to Be Confident.

Pushed to the max by pro cyclists, our bikes are the product of parts through the gamut, single-frame impact and cycle fatigue testing, and countless miles on and off road. Altogether, we exceed international standards and deliver bikes built to last a lifetime.

Carbon Expertise

Benchmarked By Greatness.

With over 15 years of carbon experimentation under our belts, we know the material intimately and understand everything it can offer the cycling world. Our path forward? Continually utilize innovations in carbon from the F1 and aerospace industries and build the best damn bikes possible. 

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