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Watch The Unroad Download BWR NC Sarah Max

Sarah reviews her race experience at Unbound Gravel 2022, sharing her ups and downs and the kindness of strangers. Molly goes further back and asks Sarah about her earlier Belgian Waffle Ride California. The two dive into her equipment choices, diving in to her choice of pedals for this gravel race and the details of […]

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Watch the Argonaut GR2, 2015 NAHBS, winning “Best in Show”, in action on the trails of Central Oregon. This 16lbs complete bike, with a rider-specific geometry, and a rider specific layup, utilizes our industry-leading layup procedure that delivers a ride customized to the customer’s spec, these bikes are designed to move like the client wants them to.

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Argonaut / Chris King / T47 Standard

The T47 is a bottom bracket standard we developed with Chris King Precision Components, an answer to the imprecise and often loud press fit bottom brackets that appeared on the market a few years ago. T47 offers the benefits of larger bottom bracket shells, mainly frame stiffness, with the upsides of traditional, threaded bottom brackets, precision and quietness. 

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Articles and Reviews

The secrets of gravel racing. Bicycling Magazine interviews Sarah Max.

As a financial journalist, Sarah Max has covered the money beat for publications including Forbes and The New York Times. She’s dabbled in cycling journalism as well, even writing for Bicycling on occasion. Now, she’s the subject of interviews after bursting onto the gravel scene with tenacity, a deep love of technical sections, an appreciation […]

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How to cram for your first gravel race in 10 days

Twenty-five years ago, all-nighters, caffeinated bloodshot eyes, that walking dead feeling as you sit down for your final exam — they all seemed like great ideas at the time. I’m not really sure how this approach became the norm, but this recipe for disaster seemed to transcend through college campuses around the country. So, after […]

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Velonews reports on Sarah Max’s victory at BWR

Less than a week ago, Sarah Max didn’t even know she would race the Belgian Waffle Ride Asheville, but on Saturday she proved that she made the right decision. The 47-year-old, who rides for Bend, Oregon’s Argonaut Cycles, tackled the 130-mile course (13,000 feet of climbing) with finesse, making up for her mechanical the week prior at Unbound Gravel. 170 miles […]

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Bicycling Magazine recognizes RM3 as best road bike

Bicycling magazine has named Argonaut Cycles’ RM3 road bike as one of 2022’s best road bikes. Matt Philips spent two months rigorously riding and testing the RM3 and in the end reported “… this Argonaut RM3 is one of the best-riding road bikes I’ve ridden in my more than 25 years of working for Bicycling because I can’t pretend that this Argonaut is anything other than a masterpiece.”

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