Road CC GR2 Review

Argonaut’s new 16lb GR2 Gravel Racer looks seriously quick

Argonaut has just shared some details about its brand new GR2 Gravel Racer, a no holds barred gravel racing bike with a clear focus on pure performance. “The perfect tool for a weekday hammerfest or a brutal 8 hour gravel race,” the US company proudly tells us.

The bike is clearly built to the very specific demands of the many gravel races in the US, which differ from the more versatile do-everything blueprint being used for the majority of mainstream so-called gravel bikes.

The full carbon fibre frame can be built to a specific layup and size for a rider and in its lightest build, as pictured with SRAM eTap and a generous smattering of carbon, weighs just 16lb (7.2kg). That’s light by road bike standards let alone one designed for smashing gravel races.

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