Born in Bend

Our Technology



From physique and power, to riding style, data, and dreams, you are 100% custom and your bike should be too. That’s is why we have 12 sizes of proven geometry in addtion to the infinite range of custom geometry. We build bikes as an extension of your body.

High Pressure Silicon Molding

Using composite-industry leaders as a benchmark, we developed our own patented silicone molding process—no fillers, no folded fibers or ply distortion, zero voids, and cleaner manufacturing. Today, we are unparalleled in our ability to produce ultrastrong, ultralight, nuanced carbon components with seamless integrity inside and out.

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In house CNC

Built entirely in-house in Bend, Oregon, your Argonaut goes from raw carbon fiber to full-fledged bicycle in roughly 32 hours. Whether Proven Geometry or full-custom, your bike begins with CNC-cut tooling designed specifically for you and continues with bespoke components handbuilt according to your blueprint.

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Custom Tubes

Purpose-Built, Inside And Out.

By bringing the power of unidirectional carbon into conversation with your output metrics and riding style, we’re able to custom-tailor your layup and alter the stiffness of each carbon tube. The result is a ride that responds to your every move—intimately and with finesse.

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Style For Days.

We don’t hide behind our paint, we see it as the ultimate in custom expression. Choose either an Argonaut-curated palette or full-tilt custom paint scheme. Using high-quality, ultra-durable paints, we’ll collaborate to create what feels like a dream—your dream—and rides like one too. From naked finishes that accentuate the sleek integrity of our carbon to rich hues that announce your personality, the color spectrum is vast and we’re here to help you explore it.

Design Your Bike

Carbon Manufacturing

Limitless Potential.

Heavily utilized in aerospace and F1 fabrication, unidirectional carbon is unsurpassed in its functionality, malleability, and weight. Here, it’s what allows us to handcraft layer by carbon layer, focus on strength versus grams, and calibrate with finite precision—all according to you.



Carbon strands laid down in a single direction. 85% of our bike frame is made up of uni-directional carbon fiber. This is how we control stiffness and strength in horizontal, vertical, and torsional directions.

3k Weave

Is what most people understand ‘carbon fiber’ to look like. It’s a woven cloth with 3000 strands of fiber per weave, created in a square cross pattern. This makes up roughly 10% of our frame.


Is a material with very high impact strength. We use it in 5% of our frame as both a damping agent (to improve ride quality) and to increase tube impact strength (like rock strikes on the down tube).



Unlike any other design process in the industry, ours starts in SolidWorks before moving to 3D-printed molds of every single component. And because technology is integral to building the perfect bike, we machine-cut our tooling in house and fabricate one-off silicone models for every full-custom geometry.

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