The Argonaut Experience

With You From Day One.

The Argonaut Way

Built Around You.

Our proposal to the cycling world? Eliminate barriers. Close distances. Bring the customer into the fold. Throughout your entire Argonaut journey—from intake to taking off on your first spin—you’re more than just part of the process, you are the hub.

Bike Fits

Details Matter.

Because we believe if it can be better, why not make it better, every Argonaut build begins with a professional in-house bike fit. By combining top-level insight and innovative technology with your specific rider data, we create the foundation for building the best possible bike for you.


For The Love of It.

Not only is every fabricator, painter, craftsperson, and artisan here at Argonaut really good at what they do, they also possess a deep adoration for bicycles. They see them for their art and utility, their strength and style, and pour that into every bike we build.


Your Bike,
Your Palette.

We don’t hide behind our paint, we see it as the ultimate in custom expression. From raw finishes that accentuate the sleek integrity of our carbon to rich hues that announce your personality with aplomb, the color spectrum is vast and we’re here to help you explore it.

Design Your Bike


Just The Beginning.

Come delivery time, we’ve already experienced so much together—stories, decisions, collaborations, joy. And whether at our headquarters in Bend, Oregon, or outside your front door, “new bike day” is the point where it all begins—rides, stories, joys, and our lifelong relationship together.

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