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Torque Specs


1. Steerer Clamp Bolt: 12 Nm

2. UPPER faceplate bolt: 12 Nm (No Gap! – torque to spec before lower bolts)

3. LOWER faceplate bolts (x2): 6 Nm


Seat Binder Bolt: 5 Nm

Front Derailleur

Clamp Bolt: 2 Nm


Rear Axle End cap: 8 Nm


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1. Center faceplate on handlebar. Fit here is tight. Press faceplate over handlebar. It will click into place.

2. Press faceplate and handlebar together onto stem. Be careful to keep faceplate and bar in center of stem clamp area. Fit here will be tight.

3. Push bar and faceplate together onto stem, Hold bars on sides of faceplate with your thumbs on the face plate and push and rotate the faceplate so the holes align and the surfaces are flat together.

4. Insert the M8 Ti bolt into top of faceplate. It may be difficult to get the M8 bolt to catch the first few threads on first installation. Once the bolt engages with threads, tighten bolt to finger tight

5. Adjust bar to desired angle and tighten M8 bolt to 8Nm.

6. Install and tighten lower M5 Ti faceplate bolts to 6Nm go back and forth to ensure both bolts are at 6Nm