It all starts here


There is no such thing as a perfect fitting bicycle.

Sure, there is an ideal riding position for a specific point in your life based on your fitness and flexibility, but that will surely change over time. The fact of the matter is that two qualified bicycle fitters will give you two different fit results. So which one is the right one?

Rather than claim to know your ideal riding position, we’ll work with you to determine how best to build your Argonaut so that you feel right at home from the first time you throw a leg over, and that’s going to be a little different for everyone. If you have the flexibility of a giraffe but for some reason feel comfortable in the same race position you rode in your twenties, then good on you! We can help you take a set of measurements to match your current cockpit. If you’ve never had a custom fitting and are interested in working with a fitter in your area we can help you find the best one. Better yet, if you already have a relationship with a fitter we’re happy to work with them.

We also do fittings for customers, at no extra cost, here in our shop. If you have the time please come meet the team and see our composite wizardry first hand, and we’ll fit you on our Guru fit machine.

Long story short, there are a number of ways to skin the fit cat, and like everything here at Argonaut we’re committed to cater the process to you so that your custom Argonaut is as exceptional as it should be.