Tuned just for you

Custom Carbon Bikes

We purchase our carbon directly from the supplier, and spec our carbon to our own needs. There are literally an infinite number of options when it comes to carbon fiber: type (high, medium, or low modulus and all the ranges in between), GSM (how thick the carbon is ‘bundled’ together) and type of resin (as well as resin content percentage) are all things that can be manipulated.

It’s unique within the cycling industry to have this direct a decision on carbon spec, and this is what makes our bikes so unique. The ability to purchase carbon exactly to our own specs is a critical component to the RM3 ride and tuneability. We use a high modulus uni-directional carbon for 85% of our frame. This is carbon that is all going in one direction, not the traditional woven look that most people associate with carbon. The single direction of fiber orientation allows us to angle that direction whichever way we want and multiple layers of changing directional fiber allows us to alter the stiffness profiles of each part in vertical, horizontal, and torsional directions. We don’t lay up a single part until we dial in the customers exact specs. It’s a lengthier process than just going into a bike shop and pointing at a bike on the rack, but this is what makes us unique in the marketplace. No other manufacture of carbon frames is changing their layup design to accommodate riding style/preference of the customer.

Part of what makes this possible is our own testing lab. We have a full suite of testing equipment to do both destructive testing as well as frame lifetime testing (with our own two piston cycle fatigue machine that we have here on premise). Taking things from layup to testing in a day was a critical component to the RM3 development and allowed for instant testing and part modification. The turn around time for this all being done under one roof made the already exhaustive process of opening our own carbon production facility possible, it also made it possible in a much shorter span of time. Produce, test, and repeat.