Cycling Weekly Reviews GR3 custom gravel bike

A gravel bike to shred trails with: a review of the new Argonaut Cycles GR3
No eyelets, no suspension, pure speed. This capable featherweight race machine impressed.

The mythical Argonauts were a band of heroes who accompanied their leader, Jason, on his seemingly impossible quest to find and capture the golden-woolled ram and return its Golden Fleece to the city of Lolcus so Jason could reclaim his rightful throne.

Together with his crew of Argonauts, Jason slayed monsters and giants, outsmarted sirens, and persevered through storms and many battles. The tale of Jason and the Argonauts was an unusual one for its time in that it celebrates the hero as much as the help he received along the way. Jason could not accomplish his great feat without his Argonauts and likewise, us cyclists cannot perform without our trusty and capable steeds. 

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