The zenith of modern bike design.


Handmade in the USA

The pursuit of perfection.

If the true rider’s spirit could be distilled into one bicycle, the Supernaut would be it. Forever leading by example and outperforming with humility, the Supernaut embraces the weather, puts in the hard work, never misses a pull. It’s the bike we ride, every day. The one where superior geometry, weight, carbon layup, and ride quality combine to deliver the pinnacle of American-made. The 2024 Supernaut production is limited to 100 bikes and ready to ride now.

The new way to argonaut

Consummate ride quality, ready to roll.

To put it bluntly, there’s nothing quite like the Supernaut. Close to two decades of custom craftsmanship, hands-on experience, and data interpretation have resulted in its incomparable ride quality. Championing all things supreme, feathery weight, dons the best possible components, and ships ready to rip. The optimized layup pattern paired with our Proven Geometries™, will bring a smile to the most discerning cyclists.

Leading the way

Carbon layups that tell the complete story.

Every single element of the Supernaut is shaped in service of delivering an unrivaled ride quality. Starting with our patented High Pressure Silicone Molding (HPSM) process, we eliminate fiber distortion, voids, pinholes, and structural flaws out of the carbon layup equation. From there, our in-house testing ensures we exceed safety standards and achieve smooth, dependable strength. The result is an uncompromised ride from the inside out. This bike represents the pinnacle of modern ride quality… and we guarantee it for life.

The Argonaut Way

You are the center of our process

Your Supernaut will be tailored to your fit specifications with careful selection of stem length, spacers, bar width, crank length, and seat post set-back. An Argonaut build specialist will work with you directly to ensure these components are optimized to your fit.

Simply Yours

Fast-forward to your new Argonaut

Supernaut offers a streamlined approach to owning an Argonaut. Our production time on the Supernaut is 4 weeks and once your fit details have been selected, our master mechanics can assemble your Argonaut and ship directly to you. Shipped ready to rip, all you have to do is set up your wheels, air up the tires, adjust your saddle height, and ride.

Raw Carbon

In the service of speed

As the lightest finish we offer, raw carbon tells the story of our patented layup process, the impeccable details and the craftsmanship poured into your Argonaut. It also depicts Argonaut in its truest form—functionally driven design and light-as-air, next-level performance. Understated, lightning fast, and the perfect balance of power, finesse, and confidence, raw carbon is the only solution capable of delivering the kind of first-class ride you deserve. These refined machines are finished with Hazelnut details.

Only good vibes

Ride Quality is everything

In our quest to push the limits of what is possible for ride quality, we have developed A-Factor™: a poprietary combination of aramid and carbon fibers. A-Factor™ allows us to take tuning to the next level, turning down the road chatter without affecting the lively feel. Ride quality is the singular element of bike design that enables the rider to become one with their machine, getting more out of every pedal stroke, every mile, and every hour on the bike. We like where we are headed.

made in the USA

We handcraft carbon bikes.

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We’re biased, but… this is the bike. Your dream ride, your sweet thing, your custom bike, your forever-confidant over every future road. Pavement, cobble, or gravel. This is the bike you’ll want to ride every single day, without question. Why wait? We offer financing through Affirm to help get you on the road.